Collection 3

C3 has taken Tymoor away from being solely about menswear. In a world where identity is everything mind sets are changing, i felt it was important to adapt. To offer something to everyone not just some, so i decided to open it up to being completely gender neautral. Sticking with the same format of 2 shirts and a t shirt i looked at 50’s Americana and rock n roll styling. Taking inspiration from the heavy denim workwear shirts of mechanics and the rock and roll palettes of the diner and gang shirts.m Whilst the design may have come from predominately male styling, the fabrics have been used to create a softer touch. Pale pink and off white micro corduroy and ‘denim’ coated jersey take centre stage.

This collection is also purely made to order with limited fabric availability. once its gone, its gone.

Collection 2

Collection 2 picks up where collection 1 left off, but with a more concentrated approach. Focusing on 2 classic shirt shapes, the bowler shirt and the henley shirt, Tymoor looks at creating visually appealing shirts using contemporary detailing, finishes, fabric and colour palettes. Teamed with the best selling logo t shirt in new seasonal colours and embroidery detailing.

This collection is again, a collection inspired by what Ty sees and loves about his home city of London!

Collection 2 is also very proudly made in London! It has been a big priority and goal to bring all manufacturing of Tymoor products back to the UK. Hailing from Yorkshire, a country rich in product and fabric manufacturing, Ty wanted this collection to be made in the UK with aims of taking it back north eventually


Collection 1


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