Collection 3 - The re development of Tymoor

Relevance. Progressive. Adaptability. Inclusive. Fair. Open minded. Contemporary. With purpose. Stylish. Unique. Ethical

What key attributes are needed for a brand to succeed in 2019 and beyond? Above are some that i class, incredibly important and some that were at the forefront of my mind when deciding on the future of this brand and the development of it. How do i create something that keeps all of the above in mind. Well that was a simple decision really…

For Collection 3 i took inspiration for the design aspect from the 50’s. More specifically youth culture and style in the 50’s. Playing with a mix of Rock and Roll (something that sits close to my heart) styling and work wear from 50’s USA i created another small but concise collection that really channels the original ethos of Tymoor. Contemporary and minimal styling on classic shapes. Looking this time at the fabrications and palettes.

But how is this a re development? Well for a start i’ve moved away from factory use and will create each item as and when they are ordered, giving the whole range a more exclusive feel and aspect. No more was production but instead personal purchasing from designer to consumer with no one in-between.

And secondly - for the first time, Tymoor will be a complete unisex brand with all styles and colours being made available from size XXS to XXL. Feminine and masculine at the same time. His and hers, his and his, hers and hers. Tymoor is a brand for everyone and anyone, so steal your boyfriends shirt. Wear your girlfriends. Buy the same and look the same. Create a uniform for openness and a culture of inclusivity across your wardrobe and lifestyle.

With a view to launch in May, keep your eyes on the instagram for more information.

Thank you for the support that has made the brand what it is so far and thank you for helping to push it forward in this new direction.

Big love

Ty x

Tymoor Gharbo