The made to order story

Made to order, bespoke, made to measure - something i used to base my entire business (albeit very VERY small business) on. Back in the day when i was a shop floor lucky for Diesel in Leeds, i built up quite a good following, making and selling t shirts, vest, hoodies and the occasional shirt...basically anything jersey based. I loved it, it allowed me to be truly individual as every piece was a one off and that's why people kept coming to me.Over the years i've taken a massive step back from this and tried to concentrate on building a much bigger picture of a business and whilst i love what i'm doing now and the whole model i really can't beat a made to order...anything!!! 

There are some incredible artists and designers in the world making bespoke items everyday, just look at Clothsurgeon and Joshua Kane...both absolute artistic masters at this chosen craft and both designers i've had the pleasure of meeting and look up immensely. Where i may not be on their level, it's something i hold a very dear and deep love for.

This fact is what made me decide test the waters and offer up a very limited run of 5 hand made t shirts to the public on a very strict first come, first serve basis. Taking an incredible light/ mid weight loopback jersey and flipping it so the texture of the loopback aspect is brought to the forefront. Whatever size you will get....well the first 5 people to order will anyway. the t shirt will be available and live from 9am on Saturday 5th May and priced at £40

Something i will definitely be looking at for future projects too so please, watch this space.