Collection 2 - the journey so far

So.... collection 2....

It's been nearly a year since Tymoor and collection 1 was released in to the big wide world for general consumption and what a year it's been. Full of ups and downs, sleepless nights, stressful days, amazing support and every other conceivable emotion you can think of, well and truly jammed in between. It's safe to say I've been left emotionally abused from my first (nearly) full year of running my own brand.....and i've loved every minute of it!!! 

After all of the above i'm still smiling and still driven to create open, honest and attainable menswear for everyone to enjoy and it's because of everything that happened over these past 12 months that i decided that collection 2 would be a much simpler affair. The thing is, Tymoor isn't a brand or concept that, to me, has a shelf life. I'm not trying to create the fastest growing brand, or the quickest hyped...anything. I'm trying to create a brand that will stand the test of time and trends and grow organically through quality contemporary menswear and service. 

With this said i felt it was necessary to create this journal or blog or whatever you want to call it, to be able to give you an insight in to what actually goes on and why things may take longer than what you would normally expect for a brand. 

So collection 2... is underway and coming very soon. After a number of issues and headaches with factories overseas, i'm very proud to be able to say that collection 2 is being manufactured in the UK. Coming from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire which has an enormous and rich history of textiles and clothing manufacturing, bringing the production of my label back to the UK was always a huge goal for me and one that i originally thought wouldn't happen for some time. 

The collection itself will consist of 2 shirts, both available in 2 different colour ways giving the customer 4 completely different options along with 2 t shirts, again, in 2 colour ways. All in all there are 8 options across this collection, all of which i am immensely proud of. Collection 2 exhibits a complete move on from collection 1, where clean and classic lines were shown in clean and classic colour ways.   

As yet there is no release date set for collection 2 as it's still being sampled and manufactured by the factory, but i'm hoping to be able to get it ready and live by early June. Keep your eyes and ears open, as i'll be updating you all, as and when. 

Thanks for the continued support...Big love